The Future of Fossil Fuels Is Not Bright

The future of fossil fuels remains hanging in the balance and despite a great deal of political discussion there has been consensus as to the best way to move forward with too many vested interests reducing the opportunity for frank and transparent discussion.

One of the biggest concerns regarding the future of fossil fuels pertains to the fact that they are a finite and non-renewable source meaning that they will eventually run out requiring a new source of energy to be established and utilised.

As such there is a growing sense of alarm to help stave off the inevitable, and to help ensure that there is some element of proportion when it comes to managing the fossil fuel crisis more readily. As such, stop gap measures such as nuclear energy have been proposed and actively implemented.

It is important to appreciate that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with nuclear power as an energy source. In the first instance, it produces trace amounts of atmospheric pollutants which is a major boon.

Atmospheric pollutants such as carbon dioxide are typically associated with not only contributing to the greenhouse effect but furthermore, to other harmful processes such as acid rain whereby carbon dioxide dissolves in water.

Furthermore, substantial amounts of energy can be and indeed are, yielded from small amounts of uranium meaning that nuclear energy remains a very worthwhile candidate for the energy efficiency stakes.

However, despite these wonderful properties and benefits, it is worth noting that people often erroneously assume that nuclear power is a renewable energy source. The only difference between fossil fuels and nuclear power is that nuclear power is cleaner and less polluting.

Other than that? Both fossil fuels and nuclear power will run out. It may take nuclear power a longer period of time to expire than traditional fossil fuels, but the future of fossil fuels with its audible ticking clock is also applicable for nuclear power plants as well.

Uranium has to be mined and then refined into yellow cake for utilisation within a nuclear power plant. One of the biggest concerns regarding nuclear technology is the potentiality for misappropriation by hostile and rogue entities.

Specifically, there are concerns that nuclear power plants would pose an all too tempting target for terrorist entities due to the substantial potential for catastrophic damage and destruction. This means that stringent screening and security tests have to be implemented for safety.

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The Debate on Urban Waste Treatment

The issue of the treatment of urban waste is a contentious one, and one that is absolutely guaranteed to polarise people. A common stereotype within the context of the treatment of urban waste is the contradiction between the business savvy but amoral capitalist, and the idealistic but naïve environmentalist.

Neither side is entirely correct…nor are they entirely wrong. Both sides make excellent, articulate points and as such should be carefully listened to. One area in particular that has been a source of contention has been the issue of paper recycling.

Paper recycling advocates argue that it is essential that we preserve our forests across the globe. The Amazonian rainforest contains countless plants and herbs all of which present unique and radical benefits to the treatment of various illnesses and disease.

Entire species of animals and plants are at risk of being rendered extinct through the process of deforestation, and it is for this reason that environmentalists argue vehemently that paper rationing and recycling remains the most appropriate measure of the treatment of urban waste.

The capitalists on the other hand argue not ecology but economics, arguing that the market will dictate the supply and demand for timber, wood and paper based products and given that they have no direct control over this they are therefore absolved of their fiscal responsibility.

An argument also made against the treatment of urban waste is that by providing tax relief and business incentives and concessions for tree farms, this will result in an increase of the available woodland. From there then, the process of deforestation can be halted, even potentially reversed.

Finally, opponents to the treatment of urban waste also argue that tropical rainforest timber is very rarely utilised for paper production mainly due to the astronomical costs that are associated with it in terms of transport, storage, acquisition et al.

It is also worth noting that the primary reason for the deforestation of the tropical rainforest is due to food production and cash crops, as well as cattle rearing, and NOT paper production.

Proponents of the treatment of urban waste have challenged this, arguing that the demand for such products in the public perception will distort the severity of the destruction and damage of the rainforest, and permit people to erroneously assume that they cannot do anything to stop it.

One thing is immediately apparent: the treatment of urban waste is something that requires teamwork and co-operation.

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Black Cohosh and PMT

black cohosh

When the Europeans set sail for the New World they encountered the various Native American tribes, including the Apache, Sioux, Iroquois and Cherokee. With guns, horses and ships that could cross the Atlantic Ocean, the colonial powers were no doubt assured as to their military, economic and technological superiority.

And yet, when they did manage to land upon the shores of the New World and encounter the Native American people; they were given a lesson in herbal remedies, how to use the land and plants for the alleviation of pain, management of symptoms and to ward off infection.

Actaea racemosa is the formal name for the plant that is more commonly known as black cohosh (although the name fairy candle is just too adorable!) and black cohosh is indigenous within the Northern American continent, spanning a sizeable swathe across the landmass.

Stretching as far from the Canadian province of Ontario all the way down below the Mason Dixie to Georgia, it has also been found in Missouri and in addition to American states. Black cohosh has enjoyed a long standing and special relationship with the Native American people, where it was used interchangeably both for medicinal and religious purposes.

One of the most striking aspects of the black cohosh plant is just how tall that it can grow; with a height of 60 cm not unusual. The Native Americans relied upon it for the treatment of premenstrual cramps and period pain, as well as a plethora of other gynaecological complaints.

It would seem then that the Native Americans were truly onto something magnificent and their usage has been the study of intense modern scientific study which has confirmed that black cohosh is a viable and efficacious herbal and dietary supplement for the treatment of menstrual cramps.

In addition, black cohosh is also commonly utilised in order to provide some much needed relief to the varying unpleasant side effects associated with the menopause process, whereby massive hormonal imbalances can have a profoundly debilitating and distressing effect on the female.

There is also some evidence to suggest that black cohosh may also be useful for the prevention of osteoporosis, a condition whereby bone density is reduced resulting in bones becoming susceptible to fracturing.

The only cause for concern associated with the usage of black cohosh is that it may interact adversely with certain types of oral contraceptives such as birth control pills.

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Ashwagandha And Cancer


Ashwagandha. Ah yes, the plant of the many names. Going by many different aliases, including Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry and winter cherry, it has been a plant that has enjoyed a long standing degree of regard and respect within the field of Ayurveda medicine where it has been used to treat a myriad of different health complaints.

Care for ashwagandha can prove something of a challenge if only due to the fact that ashwagandha oftentimes has fallen victim to its own success: attracting more than its fair share of pests that will be drawn to the ripened orange fruit that flowers from the leaves of the plant.

Treehoppers nibble on the parts of the stem which then means that the ability of ashwagandha to draw sustenance and nutrition from the soil that is planted in is severely impaired. In time, this causes essential minerals to become depleted and so the leaves will become brown and mottled.

Eventually the leaves will then become brittle by which point the damage is now entirely irreversible and the fruit is inedible and unusable. It is not only pests that can have a devastating impact upon this plant. Disease is also a concern as well and steps should be taken to prevent it.

Leaf spot disease will typically be fatal to the plant, and as the name would suggest, the characteristic of this disease is the presence of spotting on the leaves of the plant.

But why should we be so concerned about the protection, preservation and promotion of the ashwagandha plant? Put bluntly: if we look after the ashwagandha and protect it from harm, the ashwagandha will return the favour and with interest.

One of the active constituent chemical agents within the ashwagandha is Withaferin A, itself a cyclical ester which is belongs to the steroid classification of hormones. Withaferin A has been identified as playing a vital role in various autoimmune responses.

One most fascinating of all is the tumour suppressant properties that Withaferin A possesses and the manner in which Withaferin A achieves this is by directly inhibiting uptake and production of the androgen receptor, as well the disrupting the ATP production cycle of the so called heat shock protein 90.

Cancers and tumours are like any other typical, benign cell: they require ATP to grow and without ATP they will die and be unable to sustain growth. By disrupting the ATP cycle then, we are quite literally stopping cancer dead in its tracks before its inception.

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Future of Fossil Fuels: Limited Options

The future of fossil fuels is a political hot potato, a highly controversial and divisive topic that has polarized the geopolitical landscape of the world with developed nations seeking to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. This is based more on economic considerations than ecological ones.

The carbon cycle is one of the most fundamental aspects of the world we live in, and it refers to the manner in which carbon passes through animals and plants, then will become returned to the environment and atmosphere once again.

Prior to the industrial revolution, the carbon cycle was steady, with the forestry across the globe in addition to the greenery more than sufficient to ward off an imbalance of the carbon cycle. However, population booms, carbon dependent rich technology such as industry and automobiles has substantially skewed this.

The carbon cycle is not just some abstract scientific concept relegated to the dusty arena of academia. In reality, the carbon cycle, and by extension then, the future of fossil fuels, is something that will affect each and every one of us directly.

Put simply, fossil fuels are classed as a finite source or non-renewable source. These two terms are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing: once we run out of fossil fuels; we will have depleted the source permanently. This means we must find an alternate fuel source.

However, substantial inequity in terms of the production and consumption of fossil fuels has meant that research into renewable, alternate and cleaner forms of fuel production remains elusive. Whilst there has been some preliminary progress made, many of the technology remains at best novel.

Nuclear power is an oft cited example of a reliable alternative source of energy production and electricity, and one that has been advocated to replace fossil fuels as the future of fossil fuels eventually becomes little more than a historic footnote in the textbooks.

Sadly, there have been a number of high profile nuclear meltdowns across the world and this has meant that the public opinion as to the viability of nuclear power plants has remained skewed. Incidents such as the Pripyat reactor failure in the Ukraine, in addition to the fear associated with the perils of radiation poisoning means that nuclear power remains stunted.

Furthermore, despite claims that nuclear power is a cleaner fuel source, such averments conveniently forget one grim reality: the extended half-life of radioactive isotopes.

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The Nuclear conundrum – What comes next?

With increasing concerns about the sustainability and the future of fossil fuels, there has been calls for an intensification of the research into alternate sources of energy and fuel production. Thus far, nuclear power has been advocated as a potentially viable option to break the fossil fuel dependency.

However, it would appear that the concerns about the future of fossil fuels has meant that people in a form of desperation, have been all too quick to overlook and dismiss some of the more immediate concerns regarding the utilisation of nuclear power.

Nuclear power is promoted and sold by its supporters as being clean, reliable, efficient and providing substantial power yield in exchange for minimal cost. All of this is undoubtedly true, nuclear power does not generate the vast quantities of carbon dioxide that is typical of coal and gas power plants.

However, the economic viability of nuclear power plants remains at best, questionable. One of the biggest challenges to accurately identifying and assessing the relative costs of the establishment of nuclear power plants is the variability of global terrain.

Nuclear power points are wholly unsuited for countries where earthquakes are commonplace, due to the fact that the structural damage that maybe sustained by the nuclear power plant could cause a reactor wide meltdown potentially leaking radiation to the nearby environment.

The immediate effects associated with a nuclear meltdown pale in comparison to the long term health risks and effects. Elevated incidences of neurological, hormonal and oncological pathologies are well documented, as is the incidence of chromosomal abnormality.

This in turn would place undue strain on the healthcare system of the country where the tragedy occurred, as generations of newly born children would be riddled with rare and costly to treat forms of cancer and leukaemia.

Political and public opposition to the utilisation of nuclear power has been fierce and whilst there is a general consensus that something has to be done about the future of fossil fuels, people are not entirely convinced that nuclear power is the most appropriate solution at present.

As things stand at the moment, nuclear power is sparingly used, and under close scrutiny. With two high profile tragedies within the last 50 years which resulted in substantial loss of life and property, the devastating effects of a nuclear meltdown have been felt for generations.

Nuclear power maybe perceived as some necessary evil: but still hope remains for a better answer.

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The Power of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering has been without a doubt one of the most exciting and radical breakthroughs made in recent times, effectively revolutionising the food production process on a global level and local supply.

Massive strides have also been in the field of genetic engineering in relation to the area of health, as we are now able to synthesise large volumes of insulin using bacteria. This in turn has meant that not only is there now a readily available supply of this essential hormone for the treatment of diabetes, but it is now cheaper than ever as well.

The very first step utilised in genetic engineering is the identification and then isolation of the desired genetic characteristic. That gene will then be excised from the DNA and then inserted into the DNA of the target organism.

From there, that gene will then adventitiously bind to the DNA of the host organism where it will then undergo the normal DNA replication process.

In order for DNA replication to take place, an enzyme called DNA polymerase is utilised, which in turn will unzip the genes into two separate strands, one that will serve as the sense strand, the template from which additional copies will be produced, and the antisense strand.

As has been already briefly mentioned earlier within the article, one of the primary applications of genetic engineering has been in the area of food production and agriculture. One of the more well-known examples of genetic engineering pertains to the carrot and rice.

A gene from a carrot was excised and then placed into rice. Given that carrots possess a very high vitamin A content this means then that they are essential for ocular health and performance. However, in certain parts of the world carrots are not well suited for the environment or the soil.

In countries where there is a large dependency upon rice as a food stuff, this means that they are able to quite literally, get the best of both worlds: the essential and life supporting vitamin A content of a carrot within the confine of their dietary intake of rice.

The utilisation of genetic engineering has also ensured that there is no need for the reliance upon pesticides, which themselves are cause for concern due to the risk they pose in the contamination of the food cycle for both animals and humans alike.

As can be plainly see then genetic engineering is an invaluable tool.

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5 Benefits of a Liquid Nutritional Supplement


Changing lifestyles and the fast paced life that people live today, hinder one’s chances of having a balanced diet. In view of this, many people do not get the correct nutritional balance that they need to live a healthy and full life. The world of nutritional supplements is booming, and countless pills, capsules and formulas are hitting the market. However, there is a little known mega-supplement form that can be more effective than all the rest – liquid supplements.

Liquid nutritional supplements have for long been looked down upon as something to be opted for by children or older adults. However, these supplements have been found to be more effective than pills and capsules. In recent times, they have become much in demand by discerning ones who recognize the immense benefits of choosing liquid supplements over pills.

Understanding Liquid Nutritional Supplement Benefits:

Benefit #1 – They Are Easily Absorbed

You might ingest all the supplements in the world, but they will be of no use if they are not absorbed by your body. Studies reveal that only 10% to 20% of the nutrients in capsules and pills are actually absorbed, and this happens over a number of hours from ingestion. However, in the case of liquid nutritional supplements, your body takes just 22 to 30 seconds to absorb up to 90% of nutrients. Liquid supplements do not need to be broken down in the digestive system before absorption, and hence they are ideal for quick absorption. This is one reason why many people feel more energetic almost immediately, when they take these supplements.

Benefit #2 – They Are Not Hard To Take

For people who suffer from fears of choking or from esophageal problems, pills and capsules can be a huge challenge. Children as well as adults tend to gag when swallowing them and can even hurt themselves in the process. Liquid nutritional supplements, on the other hand, are easy to take and do not impact one’s gag reflexes when swallowing.

Benefit #3 – They Are Mixable

Liquid supplements can be mixed with other drinks and still retain their nutritional value, unlike pills and capsules. You can add your supplements to an energy drink or even a tasty protein shake and make it enjoyable. Even if you are on liquid nutritional supplements to address a health concern, you can avoid feeling like you are on a routine of medication when you mix them with another drink.

Benefit #4 – Not Much Is Needed In the case of liquid supplements, a little goes a long way

With just a few drops or probably a spoonful of your supplement, you feel great and ready to take on the world. Since they get absorbed quickly and there is barely any wastage, you save a lot of money along the way.

Benefit #5 – They Lead To A Better Life

Since liquid supplements have all essential minerals and vitamins in full concentration, your body gets the proper levels of all vital nutrients. This boosts your immune system and also makes you feel more energetic, within a matter of seconds or minutes. As a result, you are more productive and live a fuller and happier life, and can make each day count.

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Best Health Supplements – Liquid Multi-Vitamins and Minerals


When my plump neighbor suddenly started appearing appealing and dashing, a vague sense of jealousy prevailed in me. I already knew that he has started his exercise and diet regimen quite seriously but I was not expecting results within a month for sure. But within a month, he started appearing as young as ever. Also, I found out that he has turned very scrupulous about his office work too and these days he just doesn’t seem to fatigue! What was the secret? My jealousy made me approach him and ask him the secret behind his handsome gait and untiring spirits.

The answer was quite unexpected to me. Firstly obviously he gave apt credit to his changed lifestyle regimen that now included good diet and exercise. But he seemed really enthusiastic to talk about his health supplement. From various sites I had gathered information about how harmful health supplements can be and how we should try to avoid using them. But looking at his demeanor, I felt like reviewing my views. Upon closer interrogation, he revealed that he is not taking any unnatural and synthetic supplement but is on the most natural and healthy diet supplement. This made me study further and I found out certain points about the best health supplements. Here they are:

1) Your health supplements must be 100% natural and prepared with herbs, fruits, roots, seeds, and all natural things.

2) The vitamins and minerals that are there in these health supplements should be in appropriate dosages and they must act favorably upon the body.

3) Your daily health maintenance is an art. Try seeking help from professionals to derive what your dietary requirements are depending upon weight and built, so that there are little chances of going haywire in selecting the right nutritional supplement for you.

4) The supplements you choose must be high in powerful anti-oxidants derived from natural sources like fruits, roots, berries etc. Fruit extracts from power-fruits like amalaki, pomegranate, goji, mangosteen, acai, etc. have amazing anti-oxidant properties to keep you healthy and fit. Basically these anti-oxidants help you steer clear of harmful free radicals that damage your system and help rejuvenating the body while protecting it by detoxifying effect.

5) One important point to note here is that having a nutritional supplement in liquid form is better over tablet or pill form. The liquids are absorbed better, put less stress on your gastric system, are assimilated better, and are definitely affordable options. It is said that about 98% liquid is absorbed and only 20-30% of pills contents are absorbed. So, go for liquids!

6) Look for good age-defying formula in your health supplement. Opt for powerful ingredients like MSM, Hesperidin complex, Lutein, Lycopene, Turmeric, CoQ10, and Alpha Lepoic Acid. These ingredients act favorably to keep your skin too health and supple.

7) Your supplement must contain all vitamins (A to H), minerals, trace minerals, including vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). Remember that for better absorption of vitamin B-complex, you need to have another nutrient like choline bitartrate.

The above mentioned things make it clear that a health supplement should be a powerhouse of essential nutrients. They should help one fight diseases from common cold to cancer and help conquer the effects of stress on the body. Only such supplements can be called as the best health supplements! No need to tell that I followed the footsteps of my neighbor!

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Are Your Herbal Nutritional Supplements Making The Grade?


Herbal nutritional supplements are becoming increasingly popular among people that want to improve their health. With today’s busy lifestyle, supplements are convenient and easy to use. Another reason people are looking into nutritional supplements is the food we eat. So much of our diet is made up of processed foods that are lacking, if not completely devoid of nutritional value.

There have been many studies done showing that many herbs offer therapeutic and nutritional elements to the diet. More and more people want to get these benefits as easily as possible. Herbal nutritional supplements are the answer for many of these people. They are a concentrated way to obtain the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need to maintain our health.

However, you must be careful when buying nutritional supplements. They are not held to any governmental guidelines, and while there are some excellent supplements on the market, there are some dangerous ones as well. Find a reputable company by doing some research. There are several sites online that will help you decide which supplements are safe and effective. Some sites provide newsletters, email lists, and other ways of asking questions, others provide informational articles that will help you find the best products that meet your needs.

Some companies hold themselves to the same guidelines and standards that the pharmaceutical companies use. If a company does this, the label will say they are GMC compliant. Make sure the label states that it uses standardized herbal extracts. This means they are only using the highest quality herbs in their preparations. Look for a label that says COA… his means the product is safe and effective and has been backed by a Certificate of Analysis.

Now that you’ve found all this on the label… does anyone recommend this brand? Many of the online sites will give recommendations based on their own studies and trying out the herbal nutritional supplements. Some consumer sites also review nutritional supplements and their makers. They can give you a solid low-down on how a given company’s products do when tested.

Now that you’ve found some nutritional supplement companies that you feel confident in, look at the products. Which ones will give you what you’re looking for? Do you want an all-in-one supplement that puts everything you’re looking for in one dose, or do you prefer to take a few in the morning and a few at night to develop your own personal regimen?

As you can see, using herbal nutritional supplements gets easier, once you’ve done your homework. Don’t skimp on your research though… you want to be careful when it comes to anything you are ingesting for your health. Make sure you get one of the excellent supplements that are available, and that you don’t get a questionable one that may harm your health instead of helping it. Every day that you take that better quality supplement and that you wake up feeling more energetic and healthier, the happier you’ll be that you did the legwork to find the best herbal nutritional supplements for you.

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