American Ingenuity Grows with Pontoon Bag Manufacturing

We hear rhetoric by the media daily that America needs more manufacturing jobs. Well, that’s all fine and good, but it takes an idea to come along with something to manufacture. One lady in Michigan, Bev Kennedy, has come up with an idea that helps preserve a person’s asset; it meets a need, and is economical. The idea is a Pontoon Bag to cover that pontoon boat you spent your hard earned money on!

Covering the boat couldn’t be easier with a Pontoon Bag, and it keeps the sunlight off your boat cushions to prevent fading and thread decay when your boat is not in use. Here is one item that can improve a person life by preserving an asset and it also offers economic value since it puts an end to shrink wrap for up to 15 years! Actually, it would also put an end to all that winterizing shrink wrap which goes to the land fills each spring. There is no need to shrink wrap your Pontoon boat every year when you use a boat bag. Over time the money you would pay to shrink wrap your Pontoon boat would pay for nearly five Pontoon Bags!

People around the inland lakes and who live on the U. S. coasts are keeping their boats much longer now. Economically speaking… being able to trade up for a new boat may be delayed. This makes it necessary to protect your Pontoon boat to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

By using Top Gun fabric and Tenara thread the Pontoon Bag can last up to 15 years. With Tenara thread the seams will certainly last the fabrics lifetime. Interested boat owners around the country might consider this as an option and look into acquiring more information.

The point here is that American ingenuity is growing at the small business level and more stories like the one from Bev’s Canvas Covers with new ideas in manufacturing provide an inspirational approach to grow the American economy. Ideas to make things that improve people’s lives and offer customers economic value are the key to new jobs and a turn around in the economy. Grow your ideas and make them happen!