How to Break Your $4 a Day Coffee Habit

Most major city’s and town’s have at least a handful of great coffee shops and bistro’s. It was a new and growing trend in the business world of entrepreneurship in the 1990’s and still is today. Many consumer’s don’t realize how much they are spending on take out coffee. All of us are familiar with the popular chains. Even fast food places and convenience stores are hopping on the specialty coffee bandwagon’s. You can even buy pre made coffee drinks in your grocery store. Many of us are pulled in by the convenience and then become hooked on the taste of certain drinks. Unfortunately it can really hurt your budget without you even realizing it. On average American’s spend almost 9 million dollars a year buying coffee outside of the home.

With numbers like that it is no wonder that sales in the retail coffee business is huge. It can be a budget buster for consumers. Just a few drinks a week adds up quickly and is hard on your budget. If you buy one drink five times a week at $4 that adds up to $1040 a year. We all know that is likely to be even more for people who spurge on coffee house pastries and other tempting treats.

It might not be easy to break your habit at first but here are a just 3 easy ways to help you on your way.

Invest in Quality Supplies

The first step to breaking your habit is to invest in some quality supplies. Start by deciding what the best way to make your coffee may be to suit your own tastes. Do you like cappuccino with frothy whipped milk? Or do you prefer a bold black brew? If you are hooked on the convenience start setting your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier every morning and invest in a good machine with a timer, cappuccino makers or just a simple French press.

Next you will want to choose a quality coffee. Using fresh beans is the optimal way to go for the best tasting coffee. With the internet at your disposal you can order many different flavored or gourmet blends as well. Or if you like your favorite coffee house brand buy your beans there! You will also need a grinder for your beans. These can be purchase at most discount stores for around $10. If you don’t want to bother with grinding your own beans you can still buy quality coffee pre ground. if you like your favorite coffee house blends ask to see if you can purchase a bag for making at home.

Syrups amp; flavorings are a must if you like specialty flavored drinks. These are widely available in most grocery stores and can be ordered via the internet. You can also find a wide array of espresso powders and instant cappuccino mixes for making specialty drinks. Chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream is also a must.

A good travel mug will be a good investment and the most important item for those who buy take out coffee on the go.

Create Knock Off Drinks in Your Own Kitchen

Are you addicted to a specific drink at your coffee house? The good news is internet is full of copycat websites with recipes for your favorite drinks! Just a quick Google search will bring up many websites with recipes to experiment with until you find one you love.

Reward Yourself

The best way to break a habit is by setting a goal. Reward yourself when you meet your goal. Not with take out coffee though. Just think of all the money you will be saving. Your homemade concoctions will cost you just a fraction of the price of their pre made store bought counterpart’s. You could probably take a nice vacation or start a substantial saving’s account with the money you will save on take out coffee’s! Set a goal and then create smaller steps so you will be likely to achieve your goal. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little planning you will get the hang of avoiding dropping $4 a pop on coffee.

Following these easy steps can help you save a lot of cash for a rainy day, just on take out coffee’s alone. It might be a good habit to acquire. After awhile you won’t even miss take out coffee and your wallet will thank you.