Eco Art Chronicles: Spotlight on 7th Grade Anna Boyar of Seattle Who is Leading Others to Think Green

It isn’t often that I’m so easily moved, but this is one of those times. A new addition to the Etsy Recyclers Guild, comes Anna B Green’s shop. When I read more about her, I found out Anna Boyar, from Seattle, is only in the 7th grade, and on Etsy with her parent’s support.

I noticed she was making objects such as tote bags, wallets, and purses out of discarded goods. She was also donating 35% of her items sales to Haiti. Not just that, but that she is making a huge difference in her school, community, and among her friends. She’s even went so far as to start her own Green Blog, called Girls-Go-Green on Blogspot.

I awarded her the Etsy Recyclers Guild Monthly Spotlight Award Winner for March 2010. When I had the opportunity to interview her, I found out where her passion for recycling comes from. Anna described herself as 7th grader at a tiny alternative middle school who loves to sew, read, knit, and crochet. I asked her what influenced her to join the go-green movement?

She replied, “Well for one thing, my Dad does a lot of environmental stuff and I’ve been raised to believe that it is a very important issue. However, what really got me going was when I noticed that the scratch paper boxes in a few of the classrooms weren’t really being used, and there was lots of paper that had one side that was perfectly usable that was just being recycled. I mean, recycling is good, but if you can get one more use out of a piece of paper, you are saving one new piece of paper. I felt like I couldn’t just stand there and watch perfectly good materials being wasted, and I’ve been part of the go-green movement ever since.”

Anna continued, “I heard about Etsy from Threadbanger, and I thought that would be cool to do when I’m older. When I told my parents about it and they were very encouraging and all my friends were telling me that I should sell the stuff I make, and so it just sort of happened!” (Her parents help her run her store on Etsy, in accordance with their terms of service.)

I asked her to share some more about her shop. She replied, “Currently my shop only carries bags made from plastic bags and re-purposed fabric but I have plans for clothes also made from re-purposed fabric.”

Anna might be starting small, but she’s big in my book, already thinking of ways to change her daily habits and the habits in her school and community. Her blog may also influence others to do the same. Thanks to her parents for being so environmental and kudos to you Anna, you are my inspiration!