At Home Project Management Training for SAHMs and WAHMs

Project Management: How Being a Work at Home Mom Today Makes You an Entrepreneur Tomorrow Any work at home mom or stay at home mom is well-versed in project management, whether she realizes it or not. SAHMs and WAHMs spend every waking hour planning, strategizing and managing all available resources. These resources include time, money, labor and scope.

1. WAHM Entrepreneur Training: Managing Projects

Dinner does not just get made on a whim every day. It takes planning. Not just planning for that meal, a SAHM and a WAHM may also plan dinner based on what else she has or has not fed the kids during the day.

This planning also encompasses the meals for the week. Which nights are leftovers okay? Which nights will some family members not be home and dinner can go casual? How many nights a week will the family eat certain meats or foods?

2. WAHM Entrepreneur Training: Managing Resources

This meal planning is also determined by available resources, or money. How much money is there to spend on groceries this week? SAHMs and WAHMs know there are tight weeks and weeks where there is bonus money.

3. WAHM Entrepreneur Training: Managing Schedules

A SAHM and WAHM also needs to plan out the time she needs to prepare the meals, in addition to the rest of her jobs. She may work backwards, determining what time dinner should be ready, and how long each preparation step takes.

She also needs to plan a baby’s meals which may not coincide with the rest of the family. A SAHM or WAHM also needs to try to to coordinate the meals of a toddler who is learning to self-feed, with the rest of the family’s meals.

4. WAHM Entrepreneur Training: Managing Change

The other aspect of project management that SAHMs and WAHMS learn is the ability to keep their project management in a flowing state of change.

Whether you are running a business or a family, something always happens that was not planned for, or it does not happen wen expected. When this happens, the project manger, the SAHM or the WAHM all need to know how to flow their original plan forward, accounting for the change.

The SAHM and WAHM will also need a back up plan for her project management. If A does not happen, what is Plan B? SAHMs and WAHMs always have a Plan Be ready, or they become very good at making one up on the spot.

5. WAHM Entrepreneur Training: Managing Labor

The SAHM and WAHM also learns how to manage labor. Which children can help with which chores, and when? Which chores can be assigned to another adult in the house? Division of labor and delegation of tasks is another important aspect of project management.

These are the ways that being a SAHM and a WAHM prepare moms to become entrepreneurs.