Tara Reid Engaged: Actress, Playboy Covergirl Set to Marry Michael Axtmann

Actress Tara Reid is engaged to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann. Axtmann popped the question to the starlet on Monday Night at the Little Door restaurant in LA. People Magazine reports that he gave her a round brilliant cut diamond – something that wasn’t on the menu but was definitely that night’s special.

Tara Reid is best known for her roles in American Pie and also her botched cosmetic surgery that left her with oddly shaped breasts and scary looking abs. She recently posed for Playboy Magazine to show the world that she got her flaws fixed and looks better now at 34 than ever before.

Tara Reid and Michael Axtmann don’t plan on having a large high-profile wedding. Instead, they plan on having an intimate get together for friends and family. Hopefully their wedding photos will be sold to a gossip magazine so that we can all ooo and ahhh over their lovely nuptials.

Tara Reid’s engagement may not seem very important to some people, but her fans are happy that she has found love and happiness. After being on the receiving end of a lot of criticism, it’s nice for her to make headlines for something nice.

Tara Reid just finished production on two movies: a comedy and a thriller. The comedy is called “Last Call” and the thriller is called “The Fields.”

The comedy is about two cousins that are forced to run a pub together. The cousins are played by Travis Van Winkle and Ryan Hansen.

“The Fields” is a thriller about true events that unfolded in a small Pennsylvania town in 1973. It’s about a family menaced by the presence of something evil lurking in the cornfields surrounding their home.

This isn’t the first time that the “American Pie” star has been engaged. Nearly a decade ago, she was engaged to MTV’s Carson Daly. Of course, the two never made it to the aisle and she was left heartbroken.

This time around, things are likely to be different. The two have been dating since last year (okay, I know – it’s only January but at least their relationship spanned two different years.) In addition, Axtmann isn’t a star – so it’s not like this is a true Hollywood romance.

Back in November, reports surfaced that Reid and Axtmann were engaged because she was seen wearing a pink pear shaped diamond ring. However, she denied the rumors at the time and told the world that the ring was just a gift. Now, the reports are confirmed and the two will be joined together in Holy Matrimony at a time of their own choosing.