Unusual Ways to Celebrate Chocolate

Strawberries and pretzels coated with it. Drizzling it over cakes and ice cream. Some may even use during sexual foreplay. But more recent uses for this scrumptious sweet goody have been surfacing. From chocolate scented perfume to wine and pasta, chocolate die hards are finding creative ways to satisfy their craving.

Chocolate stores are having sales and giveaways while many factories that are generally closed to the public are opening their doors the third week of March to give free tours and samples. That’s because the third week (March 20-26) is the American Chocolate Week. So chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice. Revel in the sweet taste and learn new ways to savor your hidden pleasure.

Wear It

Bath amp; Bloom, Purely Simple, LTD, located in the UK, sells natural handmade chocolate soap while for the kids there’s a chocolate bubble bath. Unilever (R) makes a brand of male grooming products called Axe, within this product line is a scent called Axe Dark Temptations (chocolate-scented Axe). Essences of the chocolate is everywhere when it comes to body scents, sprays and fragrances. So indulge your nose and let the aroma of cocoa tempt your senses.

Edibles in other forms

Anyone can buy a chocolate bar, but what about eating chocolate toothpaste? Chocolate pasta? Beer? Wine? The food industry has picked up on the sales of chocolate also. Cocoa beans are being used in a wide variety of food products. Well’s amp; Young, LTD., also in the UK, produces a creamy smooth chocolate beer which is getting rave reviews from consumers.

Living in chocolate

Let’s not forget this one…in the heart of Italy, Umbria to be exact, is the Chocolate Perugia Hotel, nestled in what was known as the Etruscan civilization, now known as the City of Chocolate. The hotel boasts 94-rooms of luxury and all the chocolate a person can imagine. ON the premises is the Chocostore offering guests some of the best chocolate products and gadgets in the world. The Etruscan Chocohotel offers a regular restaurant menu and a special menu consisting of all chocolate food items.

So when you’re ready to indulge in the chocolate way of life or just want to celebrate the American Chocolate Week, sink your teeth into that candy bar, buy that chocolate wine or, if you’re really daring, buy some chocolate sushi at the California based Chocolate Sushi Company.