The Debate on Urban Waste Treatment

The issue of the treatment of urban waste is a contentious one, and one that is absolutely guaranteed to polarise people. A common stereotype within the context of the treatment of urban waste is the contradiction between the business savvy but amoral capitalist, and the idealistic but naïve environmentalist.

Neither side is entirely correct…nor are they entirely wrong. Both sides make excellent, articulate points and as such should be carefully listened to. One area in particular that has been a source of contention has been the issue of paper recycling.

Paper recycling advocates argue that it is essential that we preserve our forests across the globe. The Amazonian rainforest contains countless plants and herbs all of which present unique and radical benefits to the treatment of various illnesses and disease.

Entire species of animals and plants are at risk of being rendered extinct through the process of deforestation, and it is for this reason that environmentalists argue vehemently that paper rationing and recycling remains the most appropriate measure of the treatment of urban waste.

The capitalists on the other hand argue not ecology but economics, arguing that the market will dictate the supply and demand for timber, wood and paper based products and given that they have no direct control over this they are therefore absolved of their fiscal responsibility.

An argument also made against the treatment of urban waste is that by providing tax relief and business incentives and concessions for tree farms, this will result in an increase of the available woodland. From there then, the process of deforestation can be halted, even potentially reversed.

Finally, opponents to the treatment of urban waste also argue that tropical rainforest timber is very rarely utilised for paper production mainly due to the astronomical costs that are associated with it in terms of transport, storage, acquisition et al.

It is also worth noting that the primary reason for the deforestation of the tropical rainforest is due to food production and cash crops, as well as cattle rearing, and NOT paper production.

Proponents of the treatment of urban waste have challenged this, arguing that the demand for such products in the public perception will distort the severity of the destruction and damage of the rainforest, and permit people to erroneously assume that they cannot do anything to stop it.

One thing is immediately apparent: the treatment of urban waste is something that requires teamwork and co-operation.

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