The Future of Fossil Fuels Is Not Bright

The future of fossil fuels remains hanging in the balance and despite a great deal of political discussion there has been consensus as to the best way to move forward with too many vested interests reducing the opportunity for frank and transparent discussion.

One of the biggest concerns regarding the future of fossil fuels pertains to the fact that they are a finite and non-renewable source meaning that they will eventually run out requiring a new source of energy to be established and utilised.

As such there is a growing sense of alarm to help stave off the inevitable, and to help ensure that there is some element of proportion when it comes to managing the fossil fuel crisis more readily. As such, stop gap measures such as nuclear energy have been proposed and actively implemented.

It is important to appreciate that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with nuclear power as an energy source. In the first instance, it produces trace amounts of atmospheric pollutants which is a major boon.

Atmospheric pollutants such as carbon dioxide are typically associated with not only contributing to the greenhouse effect but furthermore, to other harmful processes such as acid rain whereby carbon dioxide dissolves in water.

Furthermore, substantial amounts of energy can be and indeed are, yielded from small amounts of uranium meaning that nuclear energy remains a very worthwhile candidate for the energy efficiency stakes.

However, despite these wonderful properties and benefits, it is worth noting that people often erroneously assume that nuclear power is a renewable energy source. The only difference between fossil fuels and nuclear power is that nuclear power is cleaner and less polluting.

Other than that? Both fossil fuels and nuclear power will run out. It may take nuclear power a longer period of time to expire than traditional fossil fuels, but the future of fossil fuels with its audible ticking clock is also applicable for nuclear power plants as well.

Uranium has to be mined and then refined into yellow cake for utilisation within a nuclear power plant. One of the biggest concerns regarding nuclear technology is the potentiality for misappropriation by hostile and rogue entities.

Specifically, there are concerns that nuclear power plants would pose an all too tempting target for terrorist entities due to the substantial potential for catastrophic damage and destruction. This means that stringent screening and security tests have to be implemented for safety.

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